2013 SWMO MSPE Regional Model Bridge Contest

The 2013 SWMO regional model bridge contest took place on March 14 at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, MO.

Statistics from the Event.

    • 142 contestants, includes the High School and Challenge divisions
    • 80 Highschool entries, includes 17 disqualified bridges
    • 62 Challenge entries, includes 6 disqualified bridges and 3 non-ranked bridges

The maximum weight supported by a qualified bridge was 111.0 lbs and was constructed by Allison Knewston, a Senior at Franklin Tech.  The sponsor for Ms. Knewston was Deonna Anderson. 

First Place Bridge

 First place bridge undergoing testing.

Results Tables

Tabulated results for the High School division: HS Results

Tabulated results for the Challenge division: Challenge Results

Tabulated results for all contestants: All Contestants Results